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With "From Dream to Done," you will embark on a transformative journey where you will discover invaluable insights and practical tools to turn your dreams into reality.

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Welcome to the premier destination for transformative keynote speaking that elevates events and empowers audiences.

Whether you’re a corporate executive seeking to inspire your team, an event organiser aiming to captivate attendees, or a business looking to cultivate thought leadership, Vincent’s keynote speaking services offer a compelling blend of expertise, entertainment, and actionable insights.

With a tailor-made approach to each speaking engagement, I focus on delivering a message that resonates, educates, and leaves a lasting impact.

Discover how our keynote speaking can be the catalyst that takes your event from ordinary to extraordinary.

Benefits of a keynote speakerHeadingMotivational Guest Speaking

Unlock the full potential of your event with the transformative power of keynote speaking. Below, you’ll find a curated list of benefits that highlight why engaging a keynote speaker can be a game-changing decision for your organisation.

Expert Insights

Engage with a subject-matter expert to gain invaluable perspectives and in-depth knowledge on specific topics.

Customised Content

Many speakers offer tailored presentations to meet the unique needs and interests of your audience, making the message more impactful.

Interactive Learning

Guest speakers often incorporate interactive elements like Q&A sessions, workshops, or real-world case studies to enrich the learning experience.

Innovation Boost

Hearing from experts outside of your field can stimulate innovative thinking, helping your organisation break out of traditional modes of operation.

Inspiration & Motivation

A compelling speaker can inspire and motivate attendees, potentially leading to increased productivity, morale, or personal development.

Employee Satisfaction

Hosting a compelling speaker can be seen as an employee benefit, boosting satisfaction and, in turn, retention rates.

Skill Development

In addition to subject matter expertise, speakers often impart soft skills such as leadership, communication, and emotional intelligence.


Following a motivational or educational talk, attendees often feel a sense of accountability to implement what they’ve learned, thus increasing the likelihood of tangible outcomes.

Why VincentHeadingExperience

Not everyone has what it takes to be a keynote speaker. You need a unique set of skills with industry expertise to match.

Public Speaking Expertise

I've honed my public speaking techniques to ensure I can captivate any audience, mastering voice modulation, pacing, and projection.

Property & Business Expertise

With my deep understanding of the property investment landscape, I can offer invaluable insights into business and management, and competently answer all your questions.

Skilled Audience Engagement

I have the skill to read the room and adjust my delivery on the fly, keeping audiences engaged and involved.

Engaging Storytelling

My presentations use anecdotes, metaphors, and stories to make complex property topics relatable and memorable.


Whether I'm addressing a room of novices or experts, I adapt my presentations to meet diverse needs, managing time constraints and technical issues with ease.

High Interpersonal Skills

I excel at building rapport, ensuring I effectively communicate with both event organisers and attendees, before and after the event.


My strong stage presence and self-confidence add an invaluable layer of credibility to both myself and the subject matter I discuss.

Examples of My SpeechesHeadingTailored For Each Audience

Unlock the full potential of your event with the transformative power of keynote speaking. Below, you’ll find a curated list of benefits that highlight why engaging a keynote speaker can be a game-changing decision for your organisation.

"Dynamic Drive: Fueling Action through Energy Mastery"

Step into a world where your energy knows no bounds with “Dynamic Drive: Fueling Action through Energy Mastery.” This enlightening talk is a guide to not just increasing your energy but mastering it to fuel your every step. Uncover the nuances of generating and channeling your inner strength into consistent, purposeful action. We’ll share pragmatic approaches to keep your energy reservoir full and focused, turning aspirations into actions and visions into victories. Attendees will leave feeling not just recharged, but reinvented, ready to seize their goals with unyielding vigor.

"Strategic Mastery: Life Lessons from the Chessboard"

“Strategic Mastery: Life Lessons from the Chessboard” is a captivating analogy between the strategic game of chess and the game of life. This speech will reveal how every move on the chessboard mirrors our daily decisions, big or small. Understand how pawns, often underestimated, are akin to our daily tasks and small steps crucial for building the foundation of success. Discover how the rook symbolizes powerful allies, like mentors or coaches, who can catapult our progress with their wisdom and guidance. Most importantly, learn the significance of the king, representing our well-being; the game ends if the king falls, just as our health is paramount in life’s journey. This speech is a compelling reminder that like in chess, every move in life counts, and showing up is the prerequisite to success.

"Instant Impact: Swift State Changes for Success Acceleration"

Dive into a journey of self-empowerment with “Instant Impact.” This speech underscores the significance of your mental and emotional state and its direct effect on your life trajectory. You’ll learn that changing your state is not a minute, hour, or day-long process, but a matter of seconds with the right approach. Through interactive learning, witness firsthand how immediate state changes influence outcomes, transforming impediments into opportunities. This speech is a testament to the power within you, waiting to be harnessed for faster growth and higher achievement. Walk away with the ultimate realization: the control is in your hands.

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Nothing speaks louder than the success and satisfaction of those who've trained with me. Read on to hear what my clients have to say about their transformative experiences

Vincent's Speaking FeesHeading

Each event presents its unique set of challenges and requirements, making it impractical to apply a one-size-fits-all approach to pricing due to the myriad of factors at play.

When engaging Vincent, you’re not just paying for his presentation; you’re investing in his extensive dedication and rich experience. The preparation and consultation efforts that go into crafting the perfect presentation are part of this package.

Choosing to work with Vincent means you are selecting a partner who will assist your teams in boosting profits, distinguishing themselves from competitors, and enhancing their market value. It’s important to recognize that securing Vincent’s services is a premium choice.

By hiring Vincent, you receive his undivided attention, dedicating time he could spend with his family or on personal business ventures, focusing entirely on meeting the needs of you and your audience.

To discover more about bringing Vincent on board, understand his fee structure, and discuss his availability, please fill in your details in the form located at the bottom of this page.

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