Turn Your Dream Life into Reality (This is how I did it!)

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For the past 10 years, I have been using one specific method to create my dream life, and each year I see more and more of these dreams coming true. It’s not just about writing down what you want, it’s about being super clear on exactly what you want, so that you know what to do to make it happen. 

It’s more than just writing “I want to live in a big house with my wife and 3 children while I earn £10,000 a month in passive income”

If you’re not specific about what you want, how on earth are you going to get it?

Why pen and paper?

When it comes to creating your dream life, the power of pen and paper should never be underestimated. Although it’s easy to get lost in the depths of our imagination, just thinking about what we want isn’t always enough to turn those desires into reality.

Writing down your dreams adds a tangible dimension to your aspirations. It forces you to dive deeper, to articulate with precision what you truly want. This act of transcription engages more than just your mind; it calls upon your hand to bring those thoughts to paper, activating the kinaesthetic senses.

Also, when you see your dreams laid out in front of you, something magical happens. The visual representation sparks a connection in your brain, amplifying your motivation and commitment to realising those goals.

But it doesn’t stop there. Reading your written dreams aloud adds yet another layer of engagement. Your auditory senses come into play, reinforcing your commitment to your aspirations as you hear them spoken into existence.

In essence, by writing down your dream life, you engage multiple senses, creating a holistic experience that not only solidifies your goals but also propels you towards taking meaningful action. It’s a simple yet effective exercise that bridges the gap between imagination and reality!

Imagine seeing your whole dream life right infant of you! When you feel de-motivated, or you have faced a challenge, you know you can go back to that paper and remind yourself exactly what you are working towards!

Don’t do it like this…


“I want to live in a nice big house by the beach and I want to travel around Europe. Also, I would like to have enough money for my travels. I would also like to be financially free and help my parents to retire”

Let’s dissect that example a bit. At first glance, it seems like a reasonable description of a dream life: a nice house by the beach, traveling, financial freedom, and helping loved ones. But if you dig a bit deeper, it lacks the specificity and depth needed to truly manifest those desires.

For starters, “a nice big house by the beach” is vague. What does “nice” mean? How many bedrooms? What style of architecture? Without clear details, it’s difficult to visualise and work towards.

Similarly, “traveling around Europe” is so broad! Which countries specifically? What experiences do you want to have? By specifying destinations and activities, you can better plan and work towards making those travel dreams a reality.

Then there’s the desire for “enough money for my travels” and to be “financially free.” What does “enough money” mean? How much do you need for your travels? And what does financial freedom look like to you? Without concrete financial goals, it’s challenging to create a plan to achieve them.

Lastly, the aspiration to “help my parents retire” is admirable but lacking in detail. How do you plan to help them retire? Are you aiming to pay off their debts, cover their living expenses, or contribute to their savings? Clarifying your intentions will enable you to develop a strategy to support them effectively.

this is how I do it


“I will live in a beautiful 3 bedroom house which will have 2 bathrooms. The kitchen will be big so the kids can play around me while I am cooking lunch. Into the kitchen comes daily light as we have huge windows from where we can see the beach and we can go outside anytime we want, we love this place! My kids have a nice and spacious room and our bedroom is amazing too. Our home is homely. It has a great feeling and I love spending time at my home with people I love. We have a nice and spacious garden and we grow our own tomatoes and cucumbers. We also have fruit trees and the kids really enjoy picking them up and eating outside and swinging in our hammock. Three times a year, we go on holiday to Europe as we enjoy traveling and meeting new people and new cultures. We have systemised ………. business which is bringing us £12,000/month cashflow and this is enough money to live our dreamed life. I am sending my parents £2000/month as they deserve to enjoy their lives as well and not to be working till they are 70 years old.”

Do you see the difference?

These are things that are already coming true in my life. We have a beautiful home where we grow our own fruit and vegetables and our children can pick the fruit and eat it in our big garden.


To sum it up, dreaming big isn’t enough on its own. You need to get down to the nitty-gritty details to make those dreams a reality. By jotting down your aspirations, you force yourself to think deeply about what you truly want and how you plan to get there. This process isn’t just about thinking—it’s about engaging all your senses. When you write, you’re not just using your mind; you’re also moving your hand, seeing your dreams on paper, and maybe even hearing them as you read aloud.

Why does this matter? Because when your dreams are clear and detailed, they become more tangible and actionable. You can break them down into smaller steps and create a roadmap for achieving them. So, grab a pen, get specific about your dreams, and start taking steps toward making them a reality.

Your future self will thank you for it!

What next?

Now that you understand the importance of writing down your dream life and how to do it effectively, you might be wondering, “What’s next?” Well, I’ve got you covered!

The next step you can take is to follow me on Instagram. There, you can get to know me better and learn from the daily tips and tricks that I share. Plus, I often share insights from my own journey of becoming a six-figure entrepreneur, offering valuable lessons and inspiration along the way.


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So, whether you choose to connect with me on Instagram or dive into my book, know that you’re taking the next step towards living your dream life. I can’t wait to continue supporting you on your path to success!

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